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Wine Tours & Tastings In Huron County

Maelstrom Winery welcomes you to come to a tasting or to book a tour of the winery, vineyard and facility at anytime!

Tastings & Tours at Maelstrom Winery in Huron County

Maelstrom Winery Tours

During your Maelstrom Winery Tour, you’ll stroll through our vineyards and explore our facilities, guided by one of our owners.

You’ll learn all about our winery operation, including the advantages and challenges inherent in growing grapes in Huron County, as well as the process of growing and trimming grapevines.

*Note: Tours through the vineyard are seasonal, running from April-October each year.

Learn about our winery from the people who founded it.

Because our winery tours are guided by the owners, they offer a unique opportunity to learn about the history of the farm, where the idea to grow grapes originated, and the story behind our name.

Each of our owners has been involved in every step of the process, and has poured countless hours of work into the winery. As a result, they bring real passion and an intimate knowledge of the intricacies of day-to-day winery operations to our tours.

We encourage questions!

We want our visitors to gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of life on the vineyard and our winery operations. So during your tour, please feel free to ask any questions you may have about what we do!

Sample the finished product.

The tour then ends in the tasting room, where you can see some of the equipment used in processing wine, and taste the final product, too.

Wine Tastings

We finish our winery tours off with a tasting, but you can visit us for just a tasting, too. Whether you wish to join us on our patio to beat the summer heat or retreat from the winter cold by our fireplace; our tasting room is open year-round.

Sample Maelstrom Wines & Ciders.

You can join us any time during our store hours for a complimentary wine tasting. We love offering wine tastings to our customers because they allow us to showcase the unique and delicious wines Huron County has to offer.

Just Drop By, Anytime.

We offer wine tastings throughout our store operating hours, so if your party includes fewer than 10 people, you can drop in whenever you like to taste what we have to offer!

Bookings for parties of 10 or more:

We ask that you book a few days ahead of time if your party will include 10 or more people. To make a tasting reservation, you can either call, or send an email.

For larger parties, wine tastings are typically 30 - 75 minutes in duration.